Friday, January 3, 2014

The Carbon Bar [Canadian]

Bought to you by the same team behind Nota Ben, The Carbon Bar (@TheCarbonBar) definitely have big shoes to fill.With food bought to you by the same and only Chef David Lee, it's was very promising. We headed there last Saturday for the Birthday of fellow foodie Justine (@foodigatorJ) since the large space is perfect for hosting larger group.

Love the super high ceiling with the brick wall, the booths and the big round light fixture that was perfect for the space. Love the brightly lit room instead of the dark restaurants that I am rather bored of, it's just so much more lively... and really, I like to see what I am eating.

Love how they have bits and pieces in the decor which is nod to the space former self such as a Disney rehearsal space, City TV Broadcast studio and nightclub Electric Circus.

 Collective Arts (@CollectiveBrew) ~ Rhyme & Reason $7
This extra pale ale was rather sweet malty flavor which is very easy to drink. Love how the brewery use all those different arts pieces as their label. This is their Label #1 by Halifax artist Rich Aucoin

Cannonball Wine Compny (@CannonballWines) ~ Sonoma 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon $20 for 8oz

 Queso De Cabeza $13
~ fried suckling pork, pork & beans, hen's egg, pickled beets
Don't you love the idea of having breakfast/brunch for dinner (^_^)
This is a rather large app to have on your own, so I would recommend sharing this since it's rather filling. Love the melt in your mouth fatty flavorful piece of fried suckling pig; let's just say everything on this plate was delicious even the 2 slices of brioche toast.

 Crisp Chicken Skin $6
~ sweet chilli vinegar
What can I say, it's crispy goodness, perfect with the vinaigrette which cut down the fattiness.
But I would have to say rather pricey for 2 small piece of chicken skin.

 Pit Master Platter (minimum 2 order) $29 per order
~ ribs, brisket, jalapeno sausage, pulled pork, turkey
This was a 2 serving plate and I find it rather expensive for $56 considering it didn't even came with a side. The brisket was my favorite here, it was perfectly moist with just the right ratio of fat vs meat and not overly seasoned so you can taste the delicious meat flavor while controlling the amount of sauce which was on the side. I find the ribs very salty (you can actually feel sprinkles of salt on top) while the pulled pork was rather bland. While I am not a big fan of turkey, these was rather moist. Second to the brisket was the sausage which was very delicious with the perfect casing.
Next time, I'll probably just order the beef brisket $18 and I am dying to come on a Friday to try their Goat Ribs $16 that everyone have been raving about.

Porcini N' Grit $19
~ grits, sauteed porcini mushrooms, deep fried egg yolk, crisp kale, huitlacoche dust
Love everything about this, from the crispy kale, perfectly fried egg and the earthy porcini with the creamy flavorful grits. Ok I didn't know what huitlacoche was but after googling it, I don't think I want to know (it's corn smut/fungus)

I didn't try the following 2 dishes!!!

Blackened Sea Bass $22
~ yuca, chili, lime, coriander, tomatillo chutney

Oak-Fried Octopus $21
~ okra, sausage, hominy corn & lobster gumbo
I was originally debating between this and the grits and this end up looking so good, have to order this next time.

TCB Slaw $4
~ with Corn Nuts
Really like this, very different with the crushed corn nuts on top.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream $9
~ rice pudding, barberries, wild blueberries, candied sunflower and pumpkin seeds, spiked eggnog
Not sure how to describe this, it's interesting. Definitely tasted like pumpkin pie.

Cheddar Ice Cream Sandwich $9
~ aged cheddar, wafers, maple syrup
Love it, the thin crispy wafers with the cheddar ice cream. Would have thought it would be cheesier but it wasn't but very well balance, not too sweet and perfect with the yummy maple syrup.

Love how they give you a card after packing your leftovers to be picked up at the door with your coat check.

Verdict :
Amazing service, very attentive and friendly.
Some hit and misses but would love to come back to try more dishes especially the Goat Ribs.
My fave part was the decor with the high ceiling, brick walls & cool lighting.

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  1. Sea Bass looks delicious! Not bad price point too.