Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Queen and Beaver [Feasting Menu]

I have been to The Queen and Beaver Public House (@QueenBeaverPub) a couple of times now (see old post here) and this time around, there was 12 of us this time so we decided to try out their Feasting menu (see their menu here, contact them for details since menu may varies).

Innis & Gunn Scotch Barrel Aged 13oz (Scotland) $8.95
McAuslan Cream Ale (Quebec) $7.25
Durham Brewery Black Katt Stout (Ontario) $7.25

 Venison Cobbler w/ Cheddar Scones 
Roast Bison

We order 6 portion each at $360 total ($30pp), both are from their feasting menu with a minimum of 5-6 order per dish.

This Venison Cobbler was hearty and delicious but totally wish it came with some sort of carb or bread to mop the sauce.

The roast bison was perfectly cook, I was expecting something dryer but it was moist and quite fatty with a red center. I'll have to say that this is a rather small portion, this was suppose to serve 6 people which mean 1/2 portion each for the 12 of us. We each got a slice each, even with full portion which is 2 slice I doubt any of us will be entirely full.

The feast only came with a side of roasted veggies which I thought was rather limited. For a table of 12, I was hopping for more than one choice of side.

 Sticky Toffee Pudding & Vanilla Ice Cream $8
You know I can't resist the ooyee gooyee goodness of STP, this was the perfect traditional tasting dessert.

 Spotted Dick w/ Citrus & Custard $8

Tafferty Pie w/ Cinnamon Ice Cream $8

Verdict :
Great company, great hearty meal & great service.
With a big table, all our order was spot on, our water was filled on time...
The feasting menu was definitely tasty but very reasonable priced as well.

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  1. your pictures turned out so nice with the make-shift camera lighting!! mine are not so good :(

  2. All food seem quite yummy , especially the Roast Bison.