Friday, January 10, 2014

Jack Astor's Winter Fling Festival - Craft Beer [Event]

I have been invited to Jack Astor's (@Jack_Astors) for the preview of their "Winter Fling Festival" which is happening now until January 19th.  The festival is to encourage their customers to stray from their usual beers and have a fling with craft beers.

The beer featuring in Ontario location are:

I had all the featured beer before except the Granville Island Lions Winter Ale , so I just had to try that first. It had a cocoa (chocolate) dominate flavor with vanilla and caramel malty flavors which is not really my thing. I prefer coffee in my beer rather than chocolate.

 Since I didn't like the first one, I had to order one of my fave craft beer to compensate.
 I have to say I haven't tasted a Flying Monkeys beer that I don't like and  Hoptical Illusion Almost Pale Ale is no exception. Hoppier than your usual pale ale, hence the "Almost".  Some beer are so hoppy that you don't want a 2nd but this is just right that you will love to have 2nd or 3rds (^_^)

And here are some of the feature dishes to go with the yummy craft beers.

Cluckin' Chicken Dipers $9.82 (2nd bowl for $6.42)
Served with 3 dipping sauces and 3 salts which you can mix and match. Fried food is always the prefect match with beer, so this was perfect.

 Asiago Shrimp & Smoked Mozza Ravioli $16.74
 The roasted shrimp encrusted with the Asiago seasoned flour was so good, wish the whole dish just consisted of that. Although the ravioli wasn't bad, I find it lacking of the tomato sauce.

 Holiday Brie Chicken $17.97
~ Grilled chicken breast glazed in a honey dijon sauce and topped with spicy pecans, toasted almonds, diced cranberries, apricots and brie cheese. Served with Jack's mashed potatoes w/ sweet onion gravy and vegetables
You know I am all in when it come to savory and sweet dishes but this was mostly sweet as you can see from the description. Need more salt here.

Cherry On Top Chocolate Trifle $3.97
~ a layering of German chocolate cake, fresh whipped cream & brandied cherries
That's probably one of the best deal for dessert I have seem for a while given it's a very decent size.

Brownie Cookie
This huge cookie arrives in a paper bag, hot and ooyee gooyee with a brownie baked inside. Definitely my king of dessert and all I wish was it came with a cup of coffee.

Love what Jack Astor's is doing to promote local craft beer, they have so much to offer. The quality and taste are just so much better compare to all those big domestic and import brand (no flavorless Coors Light for me). Hope they will keep caring different craft beers from now on.

*** This meal was complimentary but opinions are my own ***

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