Monday, January 6, 2014

The Huntsman Tavern [Canadian-Comfort Food]

The Huntsman Tavern (@TheHuntsmanTO) have been open for a few month at the former space of Red Fish which was rather short lived.

The new owners definitely did a great job revamping the space from the wall lined with small shiny blue tiles that reflect all the bare hanging light bulbs and the decanter lights by the bar was a very nice touch.

The menu is designed by Chef Mike Tan (Oddseoul, The Saint) which had done amazing job combining soul food with a British flare while the cocktail menu by Aja Sax (the Emerson, County General)

Guinness $7.50
Ben just felt like Guinness which is one of his fave beer but they also offer a selection od seasonal Craft Beer here.

Baker Street $13
~ Jameson, Drambouie, Apple Cider, Chai Tea, Lemon
A very easy drinking cocktail but even thou I love the idea of an Apple Cider Cocktail and Chai tea, this falls a bit flat with very muted flavors of every single components.

Tourtiere Pies $13
~ Wild Boar, Tallow Crust, Tomato Cranberry Relish, Cara,melized Onions
Flaky moist golden crust with rich savory flavorful boar which was perfectly spiced, but together with the sweet tangy relish was what stole my heart.

 Chorizo Corndog $10
~ Pickled Onions, Poached Egg, Mustard
This was delicious, definitely not your regular corndog. Love all the flavors and texture here from the tangy mustard and pesto, the creamy goodness of the perfectly poached egg with a thin shell and the the yummy spiced savory chorizo.

 Fried Chicken $15
~ Sausage Gravy, Apple Slaw, Cheddar Biscuit
Love how this biscuit was drenched with the thick creamy gravy but the biscuit itself was not as flaky buttery as I was expecting and the bottom was burnt. On the other hand, the chicken was super moist inside and extra crunchy outside.

 Huntsman Stew $24
~ Braised Short Rib, Venison, Pie Dough Crackers
This was a very meaty dish, I was expecting around the same amount of meat and veggies but it's mostly meat here. This was Ben's dish but we do share everything but frankly I could never finish this by myself. Although it was very tender, I found it rather bland one dimensional.

 Deep Fried Apple Pie $6
~ Créme Anglaise, Spiced Nuts
Love the idea and homemade look of this DF apple pie but found it not very flavorful. The filling didn't have much apple flavor nor caramelized sugary flavor that you get with baked apples. If not for the spiced nut and Créme Anglaise, I would not be able to finish this.

I was wondering what Fire at $0.00 was and Ben suggested that maybe the change of the candle?!

Verdict :
Some misses but I did enjoy most of the dishes.
Love both apps a lot, will come back for them in a heartbeat.
Very affordable and for a light dinner you can easily order 2-3 apps to share with a beer or two.
Service as very friendly and attentive throughout the night with our waitress checking on us and making sure water and cutlery was replenished.

P.S - They do daily Brunch service

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