Monday, April 7, 2014

Beerfest ~ Spring Session 2014 [EVENT]

The Toronto Festival of Beer's (@TOBeerFestival) Spring Session kicks off at Evergreen Brick Works; it's a smaller spring version of the yearly summer version at the Exhibition Place  (see my previous post here and here). With the Saturday event selling out, the organizers quickly decided to add a Friday evening schedule.

Being one of my favorite event space, love how they undersold capacity with plenty of space to move around but not too empty that you felt you were the only one there. It's mostly local craft beer with only one or two International booths. I have been amazed year after year by our local craft beer and this time wasn't any exception, I found myself some new favorite.

First of all, don't you think that tap is super cute given that I don't think it does anything other than making it look like some crazy science experiment. 

~ After looking on their website, Creemore Springs introduce Mad & Noisy as their Craft Beer Exploration Series and this was their first release. It's a combination of a lager and an ale which has a bitter, malty sweet flavor with a hint of nuts.

I just love their moto "Normal is Weird", we end up trying 3 of their beer that we haven't try before. I am always impress at how many new brew they can come up with each year. That day alone, there was more than 10 types to choose from with some rotating flavors.

Shoulders of Giants (Imperial IPA 10%)
~ this is a limited edition beer and it has a very strong hop flavor, roughly filtered with some caramel sweetness to it and strong at 10%
The Italian Job (Pale Ale 5%)
~ found it clean tasting but no prominent flavor
Crazy Berry (Lager 4%)
~ a sweet berry syrup beer with a touch of tartness with higher carbonation, could think of so many girlfriends that would love this

I really don't remember having their beer before but after our first glass, we end up try 4 and loving all of them.

Choco Milk Stout
~ love the chocolate flavor here, I usually don't like chocolate beer since the chocolate usually have a weird taste to it but this one was so creamy velvety smooth with just a touch of roasted coffee flavor.
Black Pepper Saison
~ holy moley, this hit all the right taste buds and my fave beer of the day. Great balance, subtle and smooth. If I didn't have to leave for an early dinner, I would probably have gone back to have 2nds
Belgian Double
~ a smooth rich malty beer
On Cask
~ ok really don't remember what it was but remember liking it

 Somehow they carried the alternative British beers which Ben likes.  Yes, Hobgoblin and Young's Double Chocolate Stout fits perfectly for a chilly day.  However we wanted to try
Old Speckled Hen first instead and it was too sweet to my liking.

100th Meridian 
~ paying homage to the band Tragically Hip, it has a delicate fruity beer with minimal malt and hop flavors
Maximus Quad
 ~ this was one of my favorite of the day with peachy note and slightly spicy, it also has an earthy flavor and love how it's not too sweet where you can still taste the yeast flavor of the beer

Their Unfiltered are only available on tap at special events, it's an early stage in the brewing process where it's not been filtered for packaging. This has a slightly more bitter taste that usually the filtration process tends to remove and has more of a cloudy appearance. It's a lot fuller bodied and lack the crispy finish of their regular Pilsner.

Love the blackboard display, saw the Ice Cream Floats sign and I was so excited since I love the Apple Beer Float but they actually didn't have it (why put it there?!)

Have been meaning to try their pie since they first open but it's just so far away and just never found time. But now that I try it, I just may have to drive their one weekend to stock up on some pies.

Beef N' Beer
~ Great Lake Brewery Beer braised mince beef with onion and homemade veal stock
 It smell amazing, we were basically waiting right in front of their booth waiting for the pies to get ready. Super buttery flaky crust, thin packed with tons of meat. The filling was super flavorful, the meat was cook perfectly tender.

 With all the beer drinking, we were pretty full and didn't get to try all the food offering including Oyster Boy (@OysterBoyTO) and Hot Bunzz (@HotBunzzTO)

 Had the amazing meatballs from Pizzeria Libretto (@PizzaLibretto), their tomato sauce is just amazing.

 There was also the Brewery Battle of the Bands and The Lowest Boardroom from Steam Whistle won that day. They were def my favorite, stayed for their whole session.


Verdict :
Love the size of the events, just the right size so it's not too overwhelming.
What a great way to start Spring after this harsh winter, hope they'll do this again next year.
Can't wait until July for the Toronto Beerfest once again

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  1. I had a great time at the Spring session. I went to the Friday night event and you're right the size was perfect. It wasn't too busy and the lines weren't too long. I've already got my summer ticket :)