Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rose City Kitchen [Mediterranean]

Rose City Kitchen (@RoseCityKitchen) is the newly opened Middle Eastern snack bar on Queen West with the menu design by Shontelle Pinch from Gourmet Bitches. 

It's a cute 15 seats intimate snack bar style space, perfect location and space to drop by for lunch, a snack or even a light dinner. Love the eye catching red tile wood oven where pita are baked fresh.

Ordering was easy, picked a region then the protein and love how they even suggest how many you should order : 1 for a snack, 2 for a meal and 3 if you're starving.

Humus $2.00 + Pita $1.00
The pita was just so moist and pillowy soft, love love love it. The humus was just I like it with the perfect balance of lemon, sesame and garlic.

RCK Hot Sauce
Made with real roses, it was not very spicy but on the sweet side and slightly acidic with a delicate floral notes.

 RCK Original w/Falafel $3.50
~ humus, tabouleh, home, fries, carrots, lettuce, garlic oil, cherry harissa dressing
One of the best falafel I have ever had, full of aromatic herbs and with crunchy outside and a moist meaty feel to the inside. No wonder they put their name on this one, perfect balance of flavors and texture. I Always choose falafel over the other meat and I love this one.

Moroccan w/ Chicken $4.00
~ harissa dressing, couscous, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, almonds, apricots, parsley, chickpeas
 This was my favorite, this one had a slight kick to it which is balance with the sweet apricot. With the chickpeas in this one, I think it'll be better with meat than the falafel.

Egyptian w/ Steak $4.50
~eggplant, red onions, chickpeas, dates, cabbage, lemon juice, garlic oil
I found this too sweet for my taste and didn't really like the steak which was on the dry side.

 The salad look great too, will have to try one next time.

Verdict :
This was definitely different compare to our usual pita/falafel places.
Everything tasted fresh and healthier
And the pita was so good, so good that I think I can eat it on it's own.

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