Monday, April 14, 2014

Totto Ramen [Japanese ~ NYC]

Instead of going back to Ippudo, we decided to try another ramen shop during our April's NYC trip. A friend highly recommended Totto Ramen (@TottoRamen52), so we decided to give it a try.

We actually had a reservation for someplace else that day but we shop way too long at the Outlet and couldn't make it back in time, so we had to cancel. After some traffic getting back to the city, we decided for some ramen on this windy day. We arrived with a line up and end up waiting for an hour. Note there's no one to take down your name, you have to sign up on the board by the door. The 4 of us ended up sitting separately since the place is so small with barely 2-3 tables at the back with the rest being bar seats.

See how narrow it is...

Love being able to see all the action here...
I usually prefer pork broth (tonkotsu) instead of chicken broth since I usually find it too thick and oily in comparison but Totto Ramen had me convinced that it can be great when done right.

One Cup Ozeki Sake $6
A very affordable versatile well balanced Junmai Sake, wish Toronto would have more places that serves those one-cup sake. We ordered this warmed and thought it was slightly too hot/high in temperature.

Char Siu Mayo Don $5.50
~ House special broiled pork with yuzu mayonnaise on a bed of rice
Really, I can probably eat the entire bowl of rice just with the green onions/scallions and the mayo. The pork belly was just a bonus here. They char slabs of boiled pork here with a blowtorch and that gave it a crispy texture without overcooking it.

Mega Ramen $15.50
~ Topped w/ variety of meats, garlic, onion, bean sprouts and scallions + Added a side of Seaweed & an Egg $1/ea
This looks nowhere near the picture on their website but maybe because the bowl here is bigger since the meats seems never ending here. The chicken broth here was definitely full of flavors and love how it's served pipping hot.

Love the wavy yellow noodle here compare to the below straight version, it has a much better texture to it although both of them were cooked al dente.

Totto Extra Spicy Ramen $11
~ Extra Spicy version of Totto Spicy Ramen - Original Rayu, Spicy Sesame Oil, Paitan Ramen topped w/ scallion, char siu pork, bean sprouts and nori + Added a side of Bamboo Shoot & an Egg $1/ea
 I was totally surprise when this came since it wasn't the slightest bit red in color... so what part of it is extra spicy?! I think the chef there totally read my face and immediately ask someone to bring the chili oil over. You just need to pour the thing in and it does end up being a fiery red, I actually end up pouring the whole thing in but frankly it wasn't that spicy. I like how generous they are with the added sides and also the amount of scallions, I don't know about you but for me, the fresh scallions compliment and add so much flavors.

Just love the clinking of pots and the bubbling sound of the soup in those humongous pots.

 First time I actually enjoyed a chicken broth ramen.
Although of the wait, love the staff here.
Due to the small size of the place, I would recommend coming by yourself or 2 people max.
CASH only

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