Monday, April 21, 2014

Destingo [Italian]

 We passed by Destingo (@destingoTO) so many times since it opened but have never been. I was lucky enough to be invite to a dinner and got the choice of à la carte or they'll bring out multiple half dishes for us to try and of course we went with the latter since they know what's best on their menu right.
 This place is definitely underrated serving good casual simple comforting Italian food, nothing fancy

 Love the spaciousness, no chair bumping and the huge open kitchen with amazing smell whiffing through the restaurant.

 Grilled Calamari
~ caramelized onions, Kalamato olives, capers, local grape tomatoes, roasted garlic
 Perfectly cooked calamari with simple delicious ingredients, what else can you ask for?!
Perfectly delicious!!!

P.E.I Mussels 
~ choice of house made tomato sauce or white wine sauce
They served us the white wine version and I thought it was rather oily... Wish the white wine flavor was more prominent.

Gnocchi four Destingo
~ potato gnocchi, four cheese cream sauce
There were not the fluffy/airy gnocchi that I come to expect from most places, they were more solid/packed but perfect with that extra creamy cheesy sauce here. This was barely a half portion for our tasting, shared between the two of us and I really doubt I can ever finish the whole serving if I order it as my main.

Al Gambero
~ shrimp patty, lettuce, local tomato, seafood aioli, red onions on a pretzel bun w/side of Destingo fries that's seasoned with Parmesan & truffle oil
Recently featured on Postcity in their Toronto Best Sandwich section (here) and I was thrilled that we got to try it. They advice that they'll change the name to burger since no one ever notice this under their panini section. Thought it was a good change from the regular beef burger but the patty here was a tad too thin for the buns and all that fixings. Love the pretzel bun here, not only does it look great but also love the slightly tougher texture compare to a regular burger bun. 
The fries was served with a mayo dipping sauce but with the salty Parmesan and flavorful truffle oil, it was pretty good just on it's own.

Rigatoni Bolognese 
~ veal tenderloin ragu, tomato meat sauce, Parmesan
Perfect simple pasta dish that I crave from time to time. Nothing fancy, just made right.

Vitello Destingo
~ veal scaloppine w/ baby scallops, cremini mushrooms, sundried tomatoes in a rose sauce
Although the sauce was delicious, it was a tad strong/intense for the super thin piece of veal. Wish it was served with some sort of carbs or maybe just less sauce.

Apple Strudel

Ususally not a fan of tiramisu with all the cream and mushiness but that aside, the one here are very light and not very mushy and I liked it so much that I actually finish it almost entirely on my own.

Crème Brûlée 
 I have never been a big fan but I do enjoy it once in a while and this one was made just right. the perfect creamy consistency with just the right thin caramelized sugar coating (hate when it's so thick that you have difficulty breaking through)

Verdict :
Casual, Simple & Delicious Italian Food
Affordable, good portion and great spacious space
Can't wait for patio season and go back for their brunch

*** This meal was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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  1. All the food seemed so good,especially the Calamari and the Apple Strudel even I don't like sweet so much.

  2. I've been wanting to try it since it opened, but friends have been and said that the service was absolutely horrible.

    1. Hummmmm really, when I went it was pretty good but that's probably because they knew I was going to write about it.... maybe give them another chance