Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One of a Kind Show [Spring 2014]

Last month I finally attended my first One of a Kind Show (@ooak_toronto). For years I have been hearing quite a mix opinion about the show and this year I finally get to see for myself and I loved it. Full of unique vendors and gifts, I find myself loving quite a few pieces.

Amazing display by the entrance

Although it's true that most product are quite expensive, you'll have to consider that it's one of a kind and made in limited quantity if not handmade and unique. I totally find it worth splurging on some product while I enjoy just looking at most even though I want to bring everything home.

Here are some of my favorites :

Owner and founder Tyler wanted to make an impact upon the world was always moved by graphics on t-shirts and that's how it all started. Since we went on the last day of the show, a lot of the sizes was sold out but I manage to get the Living on Dreams "Starbucks" tank ♥

All the charger plates are hand painted and can be custom ordered.... What's better than a plate full of yummy food for a foodie?! Maybe to see some cute food art after cleaning the plate (^_^)

And let's not forget the food vendors with the tasting, here's a few of my favorite 
which I did end up buying :

A Canadian Company focused on providing authentic International flavors, it's all natural and free of addictive and preservatives. Got the Thai Red Curry, Lahmajoun & Shish Taouk. Love buying these marinate and sauces for easy cooking at home and these are perfect for a lazy cook like me.

A family owned business , they are mainly a catering business but you can find them at craft shows throughout Ontario. There was over a dozen different humus flavors and their garlic butter is just to die for stinky goodness.

Anything foie gras is amazing and their products are just as amazing. Love the foie gras and the mousse is equally amazing, I also bought the duck confit cassoulet but haven't try it yet.

My favorite shortbread, I have been know to buy dozens of these during holiday seasons as gifts (see my post here) Perfect packaging, no need to gift wrap. Now that they have a showroom, you don't need to wait for craft shows. Oh and my favorite flavor is the Dark Chocolate & Fleur de Sel with Cranberry coming a close second.

Seen her at another market previously but didn't have as much variety available. I am not sure about you but I always had trouble looking for any occasion cards, so I was so glad to be able to stock up at the show with all those unique limited ones.

mehoi (@mehoi
 Love the cute animal characters, love every single prints and pins they have. I bought quite a few cards there and since she's based in Toronto, I will be looking out for her product.

Twin sister owners Jaimie & Jessica have over 12 years of puppet making experience behind them and all of these dolls look like it's pull right out from a Tim Burton movies.

This is the first year that they have an Etsy Canada section, I was totally excited to check it out and here are my favorites.

Love all the cute prints here and end up getting the High Fashion Note Card on the right here.

Got Ben the brown bow tie and matching cord keeper for his earphone. What a deal, $35 for a hand crafted real leather bow tie, cheaper than a lot of the crappy fabric one they are selling out there.

Saw quite a few chefs wearing them and including one of my favorite chef, Danny Smile.

Love the Bunny ear girl shadow box in the middle on top, so tempted to get it.

All created by artist Wai-Yant Li, I can't help but love every single piece from the mugs to the planters.... from the cool looking robot looking cup to the eight legged Octopus mug.

Super cute, love the badass bandanna bibs and those tie end onesie that look like a fish tail... 
Mermaid Baby (^_^)

Anything bunny related, from super cute little trinkets like hair pins and buttons to amazing prints.
Knowing the artist behind, she's just as cute and bubbly in person.

Verdict :
Love it and can't wait until the next show
Great for gift shopping but just as great to get inspired just walking around

One of a Kind Online is coming soon, so you can shop handmade and one of a kind all year long.

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