Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Southern Feast - The County General x The Tempered Chef Collab [Event]

Another amazing collaboration from Bertrand Alépée aka The Tempered Chef (@TheTemperedChef) and it's with The County General (@CountyGeneral) this time. Still remember his last collab here?!

The Southern Feast was served family style and they didn't skim on the size at all for only $40pp. 
You can see my previous post of The County General here.

The Luberjack Sour $12
~ Wild Turkey Bourbon, Fresh Lemon Juice, Egg Whites, Bacon infused Maple Syrup
Seeing the word bacon, we all wanted to try and 3 of us ordered it out of a table of 5. As always, the cocktail at The County General never disappoint and it's even better when topped with a super yummy candied bacon.

Blackened Chicken Livers
~ Jalapeno & Cheddar Cornbread, Lime Crema
The 5 of us somehow got 4 pieces so it was somehow difficult to split it evenly but the portions were big enough to share between us. The liver was perfectly cooked and so flavorful plus the cornbread was so good.The "blackened" layered were amazing which prevent the liver to get mushy while giving it a slightly crisp layer.

 Sugar Cane Shrimp Boudin
~ Green Gumbo, Fried Okra
The gumbo here with the sticky okra was delicious, it was light and not heavy like most gumbo but although love the presentation, we all agreed that the sugar cane shrimp was incredibly salty. It was well cooked, tender and grilled perfectly but just way too salty.

 Trotters & Ribs
~ Popcorn Grits, Collard Greens, Wild Turkey Bourbon Jus
 Doesn't that mount of ribs look epic, one piece was enough to fill up one person. Love how they didn't really trim the ribs which left it extra big, moist and fatty good. Also love the how they left the rib tips with the soft bone which was so perfect to crunch / munch on. They also served the grits with pig feet instead of usual boring pork belly or bacon.

 Layered Pecan & Banana Cream Pie
~ with all the fixings
The Tempered Chef deserts are always there to impress, this was the my most anticipated dish of the night and it was indeed the highlight of the night. Butter Maple Tart + Banana Cream Pie + Meringue Pie all in one yummy goodness. It was an intense dessert and we had to order some coffee to go with it. No word can describe this, it was just so perfect.

Verdict :
Can't wait to see what The Tempered Chef have in store next, maybe another collaboration?!
And would love to try The County Cocktail (@countycocktail) soon.

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