Monday, April 28, 2014

Marben [Brunch]

Chef Rob Bragagnolo (@RobBragagnolo) took over the kitchen of Marben Restaurant (@MarbenResto) about a year ago and completely reinvented the men from a meat centric menu to a Mediterranean version and it's all inspired by his travels from the pass 10+ years.

The brunch menu was no exception, it was a collection of the chef's favorite dishes from his travels around the world

It's our first time back since the change of chef/menu and their mini renovation, so I am very excited to see what they had to offer (see my previous visit here and here).

The space just look brighter and more open with the bare brick wall at the bar (used to be shelves full of alcohol  bottles) with simpler light instead of Manson jars light all around.

This was unplanned for and we just drop by at around 2:00pm and was glad that there was no wait.

Mary's Caesar $12
~ ginger + cilantro infused vodka, hellfire shrub, Worcestershire, clamato
Love how it packed quite some heat while the ginger and cilantro flavor was very subtle but which I could still taste it. Great wake me up on a Sunday.

Burrough Market Duck Hash $15
~ 2 red wine poached organic duck eggs on a duck confit hash w/ baby spinach
Got kale instead of spinach here which I think works even better. Love every part of this dish, never knew you can poached egg in red wine and it's amazing. The duck egg was perfectly cook with the perfectly runny yolk, I find that duck eggs has a thicker denser yolk. And the combination of duck confit, potato and mushroom with the egg yolk was just so perfect together.

 Stockholm Syndrome $15
~ 4 minutes organic hen egg, Lobster crème fraiche, dill, red onion, grainy mustard, celery on toasted flax seed sour dough
The toast at the bottom was still pretty crispy which was a surprise in spite of all the creamy lobster goodness on top. It's a very light and refreshing dish with a very lemony lightly tossed salad.

Side of House Smoked Bacon $5

Verdict :
New Space & New Menu which is just as awesome if not better
Would love to come back when the patio is open
I find the portion to be a bit small, we were so tempted to order a 3rd dish to share
And definitely need to come back for the Nutella stuffed French toast

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