Monday, July 7, 2014

Lucky Red [Asian]

Being a big fan of Banh Mi Boys, I just had to go try their newest venture Lucky Red (@luckyredshop). We already have lunch prior to that so we only tried 2 boas, so this will be a short and quick review. Located right next to Nguyen Huong, their family/parent's bahn mi shop which happens to be my favorite, proof of further gentrification of Chinatown.

Loving the huge light bulb sign with the Antique Chinese Door in bright red store front which pop out among the other older Chinatown store but somehow blend in as well. Inside, the huge 12 Chinese zodiac mural take center stage.

 With 11 savory and 3 dessert boa sandwiches and similar to Banh Mi Boys, order is place at the counter a-la-fast-food-style. Got the choice of Steamed or Baked Boa while you get deep fried boo for dessert.

Fried Oyster Steamed Bao $4.99
~ x.o sauce, mayo, lettuce
This just pop out to me, just had to try this first, love the crunchy deep fried oyster with the soft steamed bun. Somehow I couldn't really taste the x.o sauce but just mainly the mayo.

Love the still slightly raw oyster, so much flavors and soft and briny with the crunchy exterior.

 Lychee Lemonade $2.99
Was surprise that it actually comes with 3 lychee and it was actually not very sweet at all. Loved it!!!

 Milk Tea Ice Cream Dessert Boa $2.99
~ with coffee caramel sauce
Love the milk tea ice cream from Kekou (see post here) and the coffee caramel tasted really good although it kinda look horrible and thick. It would be perfect if the bao was fried fresh or at least fresher, it was so hard that when we bite into it, all the ice cream squeezes out... we end up just licking off the ice cream.

Verdict :
Def need to be back to try the other baos especially the baked bun.
Hope they improve the dessert bun

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