Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Stop's Night Market 2014 - Day 2 [EVENT]

Thanks for the better weather for Day 2 of The Stop's Night Market of The Stop Community Food Centre (@TheStopCFC). I was lucky enough to be offer a media pass and early access. 

Although it rained a bit, it was nothing compare to Day 1 here and I manage to take some pictures of the carts that was designed specifically for this 2 day event.

~ Indonasian Street Style Chicken Satays w/ Peanut Sauce & Rice Cakes
This was one of my fave dish of the night, a classic that's made so well. They seems to be the only one who has those rice cakes in Toronto.

~ Smoked Eggplant, Cured Trout, Green Emulsion

~ Chips and Sticks, Zucchini Chips and Souvlaki Sticks served w/ Tzatziki

 Charlotte Langley
~ Perogies, Warm Sauerkraut and Soup Cream

~ BBQ Chili & Garlic Chicken Rolls w/ Corn Relish, Leek Pickled + Salt & Vinegar Veggie Crisps

~ Tom Yum Chicken & Pho Dumplings

~ Smoked Trout and Crispy Leek Hushpuppies w/ Smoky Mayo & Red Pepper Syrup

~ Vegetarian Shawarma

~ Sparkling Whitecap Keg

~ Korean Style Chicken Wings w/ Sesame Coriander

~ Ajo Blanco w/ Gazpacho Soup & Seafood Salad Garnish

~ Garam Marsala Spiced Donut w/ Tandoori Chicken and Tamarind Glaze

~ Mustard Spatzle w/Caraway, Leek, Lemon Creme Fraiche, Rold Gold & Chives
You may know by now I am a big fan of the restaurant (post here & here) and it didn't disappoint once again. Something different and totally delicious.

~ Watermelon Salad, Feta, Mint, Avocado & Chili
Totally refreshing and delicious, wouldn't have thought to eat my watermelon with avocado but it's perfect together with the added saltiness of the feat and the heat from the chili

~ Mini Traditional Medianoches w/ Cuban Corn

~ Grilled Pork Shoulder, Fish Consomme, Herb Salad

~ Ham Hock Terrine w/ Buttermilk Biscuit, Crispy Shallot & Homemade Branston Style Pickle

~ Defiant Pinot Noir, Liberated Unoaked Chardonnay

~ Pork Belly w/ Watermelon
Love the piping hot fatty flavorful freshly fried miso braised pork belly in contrast with the cold refreshing watermelon. Simple deliciousness!

~ Kale Salad

~ Black Rice Tropical Mango Pilaf

~ Churros

~ Mexican Chorizo Tacos; Lime Marinated Avocado, Peppers & Sweet Onions w/Charred Chili Hot Sauce & Mexican Crema

~ Old-Fashioned Southern Snoballs

~ Beef Corn Dog w/ Housemade Mustard

~ Meatball Banh Mi
Yes I do love the taste of your BALLS!!! Sound totally wrong but love love love it, haven't had anything from them that I don't love so far (post here & here)

~ Salt Cod Inari & Garlic Knots
Serving their signature items, you can't go wrong with it and this is definitely one of my favorite carts this year.

~ Chocolate Glazed Donuts topped w/Coconut & cooked in Organic Coconut Oil

~ Ricotta w/ Sweet Pea, Meyer Lemon & Verjus

~ Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes

~ Ensalada de Nopal (Cactus Salad)

My favorite ice pops and needless to say I track down their moving cart quite a couple of times until they ran out (^_<) 

~ Adobo Marinated & Charcoal Grilled Pork Skewers, Umani Yogurt Sauce, Asian Slaw

~ Rose 2013 (Keg), Sketches Riesling 2013, Sketches Cab Merlot 2011
~ Brakeman Session Ale, Black Lager, Conductor's Craft Ale, Parkdale Pilsner, Local Option Lager, Achterbahn IPA
~ Stack and Barrel Canadian Whisky

Drinking problem you think?! LOL!!!

~ Cold Brew Coffee and Sweet Hibisscus Ice Tea w/ Artisanal Tonic

~ Griddled Grandview Farm Grass Fed Beef
Since we got that amazing platter (btw, kudos to whoever design this), I wished more restaurant would skip the containers/plates and served it right on... but this skewer and the pita from Richmond station was the only ones served that way.

Guests sitting on wood pallets enjoying food, drink and some amazing entertainments

I am always willing to give for a good cause but this time we got rewarded with good food right away, talk about good karma.
Amazing people, amazing atmosphere, amazing food and drinks

See Day 1 post here for more foodporn (^_<)

The Stop Community Food Centre Philosophy :
"We believe that healthy food is a basic human right. We recognize that the ability to access healthy food is often related to multiple issues and not just a result of low income. At The Stop, we’ve taken a holistic approach to achieve real change in our community’s access to healthy food.
We strive to meet basic food needs and, at the same time, foster opportunities for community members to build mutual support networks, connect to resources and find their voices on the underlying causes of hunger and poverty.
A key tenet of The Stop's approach is that community members must be involved in making decisions about how our organization operates. When program participants are involved -- as front-line volunteers, program advisory committee members, gardeners or cooks -- the stigma associated with receiving free food is often diminished or erased. While our food access programming helps confront the issue of hunger, it also creates opportunities for community members to forge their own responses to hunger. We believe this approach will end the way charity divides us as a society into the powerful and the powerless, the self-sufficient and the shamed. At The Stop, we are creating a new model to fight poverty and hunger: a community food centre."

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