Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oyster Fest Brew-ha-ha ! An Oyster Stout Brewing Event

Every year Rodney's Oyster House (@RodneysToronto) host Oyster Fest, an annual fundraiser event to support Environmental Defense (@envirodefence), Canada's most effective environmental action charity. Last week I was invited to the pre-launch party of the 26th OysterFest happening Sunday July 20th.

It took place at the Amsterdam Brewhouse (@AmsterdamBH), who will also be participating in this year's event. 

 While waiting for everyone to arrive, we were quickly served a pint of their 416 Local Lager

We were walk through the process of making of the Oyster Stout beer right in their fermentation  chamber by Amsterdam's brewmaster Iain McOustra which will be ready by the time of the event.

 The Oyster Stout which has a slightly bitter and chocolate finish will compliment the Oysters very well. This is base on the same recipe that Amsterdam did for Rodney's 2 years ago. Using around 150 oysters including a lot of brine which is key to get that salty undertone and oats to give it that silky texture. After a week or so, oyster shells will be added and fill approx 1/3 of the tank which will add calcium to the fermenting process and act as a filter.

Then we were in a real treat where we go to taste 3 different type of Oysters paired with 3 different type of beer.

 Did you know there's over 300 types of Oysters in the world?!
Oysters are usually sorted based on species, size and quality. With quality attributes largely to the shape and look of an oyster. Oyster only grow up to 1/2" a year, changes sexes and produce millions of offspring annually. Rodney's oysters are classified into 5 grades : King (4"-5"), Queen (3.5"-4"), Price (3"-3.5"), Duke (3"-4") and Peasant (standard 3"-3.5"). 
Didn't know oysters that we eat are that old.

 Kusshi Gold paired w/ the Ezra
A medium size oyster with a very smooth and clean texture, beautiful looking with plum opaque meat. It pairs perfectly with the fairly light beer, a collaboration with Great Lake Brewing. It's been aged in Spirit Tree Cider Barrel which gave the beer a apple acidic taste.

Gigos Oyster paired w/ the Rye Baltic Porter
A more mineral taste with a slight bitter finish paired perfectly with this 1-1/2 year old beer at 8% alcohol. This porter was rich with hint of spices, we couldn't get enough of it but unfortunately it's the last keg.

Pamaquid Oyster paired w/ Wild Gose
This oyster has more of a bite to it with more of an edge to it, very briny, firm and slightly bitter. The beer ahs a slight saltiness from the Himalayan salt use and also a coriander taste to it. Wild yeast are being use which is rather rare. A funky beer to go with a funky oyster.

The is my first time at the Brew House and I have to say I wish I have gone earlier. Amazing space and view being right by the lake.

Please get your tickets to Oyster Fest here, who could say no to oysters for a good cause and you'll get to try the Oyster Stout.

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