Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Wonderful Kitchen 十粥十 [Richmond Hill - Chinese/Hong-Kong]

At first glance, My Wonderful Kitchen 十粥十 looks like your standard congee and noodle place but it you look at their menu carefully, there's quite a few Hong Kong café specials that I have never see in Toronto.

Red Bean & Grass Jelly Freeze $3.95
Before all the fancy bubble teas, I remember having this. I just happen to be craving for this and this was just perfect dessert in a cup. Perfect proportion, the red bean wasn't made too mushy or sweet and a firmer grass jelly (compare to the softer ones in bubble teas) to give you something to chew on. Love the ice cream and the big mount of crush ice on top which was perfect when mixed up together and melted a bit so you can actually drink through the straw.

 Deep Fried Fish Skin $2.95
The best thing you can get for that price really, we weren't expected such a huge plate. You basically dip it in the soup before eating it and that's the way to go but I know a lot of other places that don't serve it with the soup. Dipping it right before eating just give it the extra flavor without turning it soggy like for say with a sauce on top.

Baked Rice w/ Tomato Sauce Pork Chop served in Bread Loaf $8.95
Basically it's a deep fried brick toast that's been hollow out to fit the rice inside. This is an super indulgence / carb overload dish. The bread was crispy and added a lot of texture, That aside the basic was done really well, the fried rice with egg wasn't oily and dry as it should be while the pork chop was fatty and moist and the tomato sauce was perfectly on point. Even without the fancy brick toast, I would happily order their baked pork chop rice which is my all time Childhood favorite.

Instant Noodle w/ Pork Jowl in Cheese Sauce $7.95
 This sounded good but thought the cheese was just salty with not much flavor but with their chili oil, it's perfect.

 Deep Fried Chicken Wings w/ Chili Pepper (6pcs) $5.95
 This is so perfectly crispy, moist, spicy oily goodness. A glass of cold beer and this would make a perfect night.

Verdict :
Love everything we had and will definitely be back for more.
Portion are rather big, so best for sharing.
Great for family since they have a bunch of bigger tables and got something for everyone's taste.
Menu have both traditional Chinese Dishes and also some more adventurous ones.
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