Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Prepd - Homecooking Made Easy [Contest - Closed]

I love cooking when I'm at home but finding time to do the grocery have always been tough for me. Love the recent idea of Meal in a Box, with all the ingredients and receipt delivered to your door once a week. Finding a good takeout place near us have been nearly impossible and it's even worst during winter where food arrives lukewarm. 

Tried Prepd (@EatPrepd) a few weeks ago and love the simple exact pre-measured recipes. Their goal is to help busy people like us cook fresh and delicious meals at home in 40 minutes or less.
At $60 for 2 servings of 3 meals, compare to the other meal in a box I tried (see post here) Prepd is on the cheaper side with easier to make recipes .

The kit came with everything that's needed except basic like oil, salt and pepper, just chop some of the ingredients up and you are good to go. The recipe card came with step by step instructions that even Ben managed to make one of them.

 Mushroom Barley "Risotto"
~ with Baby mixed greens, apple, almond and cranberry balsamic

 Fish Tacos
~ with home made guacamole and pickled red cabbage

 Chicken Shawarma
~ home made Tzatziki w/ salad and pita

Prepd was generous enough to give 2 of my lucky followers a free meal kit value at $60 each.

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The 2 winners are entry #93 - @emfriesen & entry #141 - @EldoLai

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