Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pukka [Summerlicious - Indian]

Since the media event here, I have been meaning to bring Ben back to Pukka (@pukkatoronto) but as usual never found the time. So when I heard about them having a Summerlicious Lunch for $15, I can't find any more excuse.

Strawberry Passion Fruit Mojito $9.80
Pomegranate Palmer $4.60

 Smoked Eggplant Tartare
~ served w/ Khasta Roti
The roti on the side was kinda dry and hard but love this vegetarian tartare which was packed with so many flavors. Light and Cold, perfect for summer

 Chicken 65
~ South Indian Fried Chicken, Chilli-tamarind glaze
Had this last time and it was so delicious that Ben definitely need to try. Thought this was a rather large portion for Summerlicious, give me some rice and this could easily be my main.

 Beef Short Ribs
~ braised w/ black cumin, garlic & ginger
With just the right amount of fat, this was braised to perfection. Perfectly cook, moist, tender fall off the bone goodness and packed with so much flavors. Love the slight sour taste of the sauce which felt less heavy for a hot summer day lunch.

 Butter Chicken
~ tomato infused butter sauce
As I have mention last time, love their version of butter chicken with the added tomato which give it a slight sour taste which lighten the whole dish

 Daal Makhani $9.70
~ creamy black lentils
Had to order this for Ben to try since he love lentils and it was so good when I had it last time. This is considered a side dish but this can totally pass as a vegetarian main. Please order some naan with this and although of the large portion, you will clean the bowl in no time.

 Garlic Naan $2.90

 Marinated Fruit
~ w/ sweet lassi cream

Cardamon Kheer
~ w/ poached dried fruit

Verdict :
Pukka is definitely on the high end of Indian food but Licious allow us to have it at a fraction of the price.
Large portion, even if we hadn't order more dishes, the $15 Summerlicious Lunch menu was plenty or even left with leftover to take home.
 Great service and food was just as good as regular dinner

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