Monday, July 14, 2014

Luma [Summerlicious 2014]

I haven't been the biggest fan of Summer/Winterlicious for the pass few years due to disappointment after disappointment. This year, seeing that a lot more restaurant are having lunch option even on weekends, I decided to give it a try.

O&B Restaurants (@Oliver_Bonacini) have always embrace licious with all of their restaurants participating both lunch and dinner, they tend to keep up their quality and service better than a lot of other participating restaurant. Have been to Luma regular lunch (here) and Winterlicious (here) and since I am always a fan of the bustling TIFF Lightbox, I decided to give their Summerlicious Lunch a try at $20.

Sangria Rosa $11
~ rose, St-Germain elderflower, triple sec, white cranberry juice, seasonal fruit
With all the amazing cocktail out their, this felt short and after the first sip, I wish I ordered a glass of wine instead. Given lunch is only at $20, a $11 drink does definitely feel like a splurge.

Island Breeze $6
~ coconut water, cucumber, pineapple
This champagne flute size juice was a rather small portion considering their glass of wine only starts at $10.

Tossed Octopus Salad
~ chickpea, tomato, eggplant puree, almonds & harissa
Love summer and the bright summer colors that comes with it. Wish the octopus was served warm for better flavor and texture but it was delicious nonetheless. Love the regular chickpeas in contrast to the fried crunchy ones and the heat from the harissa. A bright and fresh summer dish.

Chilled Cucumber + Coconut Soup
~ chili mint crème fraîche & toasted coconut 
Ben always like to order soup, not that I don't like soup but because it looks rather boring in picture. This chilled soup was perfect for this hot summer day.

Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs
~ mixed summer bean succotash salad, charred corn, peppers & salsa verde
 Wish it was fattier, a tad dry but very flavorful. However the star was what lay underneath, the bean succotash salad with the charred corn & peppers was delicious, even better with the slight kick of the salsa verde.

 Buttermilk-Brined Fried Chicken
~ cheddar biscuit, birch-backed beans & three cabbage slaw
Ok, where's the biscuit?! The presentation is really lacking, had to pop up the drumstick or else it would look even worst. That aside, the fried chicken was delicious with the extra crunchy shell and extremely moist meat. While the cabbage slaw was delicious with the extra kick from the grainy mustard, the beans on the other hand felt like it came from a can.

 Chocolate Parfait Sundae
~ white chocolate chip cookie crumble, passion fruit cream & mulled berries
This was delicious but thought the chocolate ice cream was a tad heavy for that hot summer day.

~ compressed 100km melons, mint julep & nasturtium sorbet
In case you didn't know (ahem, like me), nasturtium is a flower which has a light sweet flavor. And love the refreshing sweet compressed melons.

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