Friday, July 11, 2014

Srirachup & Delhi-licious Neal Brothers Chips [Snack]

I have long professed my love for Neal Brothers (@nealbrothers) Chips here and I was so excited to hear about the 2 chef inspired Kettle Chip flavors, Srirachup and Delhi-licious. My favorite Chef,  Chuck Hughes (@ChefChuckHughes) and Vancouver Based Vikram Vij teamed up with the brothers to create these unique flavors inspired by their own cooking style. 

It look like to me only Canadian love their ketchup chips and I just can't understand why, so good. Now Chef Hughes came up with a better version, ketchup with his favorite hot sauce (and mine) to create this amazing Srirachup flavor. With just the perfect amount of sour ketchup-y taste and heat with a hint of garlic. I am head over heal in love!

Chef Vij's vast knowledge of Indian cuisine and spice bland help create Delhi-licious which has a Garam Masala flavor. Very strong in spices, this is definitely not for everyone. I Personally enjoyed it but don't think I'll be craving for it that often thou.

Thanks to The Siren Group (@thesirengroup) once again for sending me the new flavors together with a can of Great Lake Brewery beer.

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